7 Cryptos to Buy During the Crash – Buy the Dip on These Coins

Since they reached their all-time highs in November 2021, Bitcoin and the larger cryptocurrency
market have been on a downward trend. This gloomy sentiment in the stock market has also
contributed to this trend, which began in 2022.

As the adage about trading goes; buy low, sell high; this situation may give a profitable chance to
acquire and hold certain stable cryptocurrencies at bargain rates for the long term. Many investors
would argue that this creates a beneficial opportunity.

In such a market it is better to invest your money those coins which have a low price and high

Following are the top 7 cryptocurrencies you should buy during a bear market.

DeFi Coin (DEFC)

The native token of the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange known as DeFi Swap is called DeFi
Coin (DEFC) (DEX).

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DEFC token holders have access to DeFi Swap, which not only enables them to swap, farm yields,
and stake, but also provides them with access to fantastic interest rates.

When the cryptocurrency was originally introduced in May 2022, early investors experienced a
return on their money that was equal to 300% of their initial investment just a few days later.

Some of the most intriguing aspects of DeFi Coin include the static reward structure, the manual
burning program, and the enhanced liquidity pools. Both parties are required to pay a tax levy of
10% during every DEFC exchange that takes place.

One-half of the 10% is distributed to those individuals who currently possess coins, while the other
half is distributed to liquidity pools.

This serves two purposes: the first is to provide a passive source of revenue for the owners, and the
second is to discourage day trading by increasing the cost of doing so.

The creators of the company have already stated that a new version of the DeFi Swap platform
would be released before the year is up.

Due to this, it is even more probable that DeFi Coin is the cryptocurrency that has the best
chance of surpassing its competitors in the market for decentralized financial transactions.

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Tamadoge (TAMA)

In the realm of cryptocurrencies, the meme coin with usefulness does not come up
very frequently; yet, this describes Tamadoge well.

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The Tamadoge cryptocurrency is a deflationary kind of digital currency that serves as the primary
token in the Tamaverse, a Metaverse in which users may breed Tamadoge pets and engage in
combat with them.

Tamadoge pets gain power with time, but they still need to be looked after on a consistent basis.
They might become Tama ghosts if you leave them alone for an excessively extended period of time.

The players who have accumulated the most Dogepoints over the course of the month are eligible to
receive awards from the Dogepool.

Tamadoge was developed by a group of cryptography professionals with years of industry expertise.
They have made certain that the project complies with stringent requirements for NFTs and tokens.
Users will require Tamadoge tokens in order to acquire Tamadoge pets, which function similarly to
NFT pets in that they may be purchased and traded.

The players are given the pets when they are still newborns, and each one possesses its own unique
set of capabilities and skills. One of the nicest aspects of this leading cryptocurrency is that there
is no tax fee associated with its transactions.

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Battle Infinity (IBAT)

The consensus among industry insiders and seasoned traders is that Battle Infinity has the potential
to provide a return on investment that is 10,000% or more within the first few weeks following the
game’s release.

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But what is it that sets this cryptocurrency apart from others? To begin, Battle Infinity is a
decentralized gaming environment that combines DeFi technology, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and
the Metaverse on a single platform.

The primary objective is to bring about a shift in the conventional gaming industry, which is now
worth one billion dollars. The initiative appears to have everything it needs to be successful, in spite of the fact that this appears to be impossible. IBAT is the Battle Infinity token, and it is housed on the Binance Smart Chain. IBAT is what gives all of the other assets in the ecosystem their value.

People are already referring to the platform as the; next Axie Infinity; despite the fact that it was
initially developed in India. In only a few short days, it has already drawn hundreds upon thousands
of users.

In an intriguing twist of fate, India has seen a significant increase in the number of prosperous cryptos
initiatives over the past several months.

As an illustration, the leading cryptocurrency project, Polygon (MATIC), has been achieving
remarkable milestones on a weekly basis.

This is mainly due to the fact that during the past 10 years, young people in India have grown quite
knowledgeable about technology, which has resulted to a significant number of good software

Battle Infinity’s current goal in its native market of India is to be more successful than both Dream11
and Mobile Premier League, but the company has no intention of stopping there. The ultimate
objective is to expand throughout the entire earth.

The most crucial aspects of the game are the Battle Market, the Battle Store, the Battle Stake, the
Battle Swap, and the Battle Arena. They are the components that bring the in-game Metaverse to

The IBAT Premier League is the primary game that can be played on the site. The IBAT Premier
League is the world’s first fantasy sports game to be constructed using NFTs and the blockchain.
To participate in the game, individuals require NFT passes. Because of this, they will be able to
create teams and fight against other teams for the opportunity to earn enticing rewards.

The gamers that have athletes who do the best in actual competition are the ones who end up with
the most points. If you go to the official website for the system, you will be able to acquire further
information on the game as well as other items.

The ability to trade, a reward system that makes use of tokens, and an NFT experience that is easy for individuals who are just beginning out are three more perks.

However, there is no danger of having the rug pulled out from under you when you invest in Battle
Infinity, which is one of the benefits that drew the attention of each and every investor in the

KYC checks and audits were conducted on the project by both CoinSniper and Solid Proof
respectively. If everything that has been discussed here has piqued your interest and you are
considering making an investment in this promising cryptocurrency, the time to do so is now.

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Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

Lucky Block has already demonstrated that it has the potential to generate significant profits for its
investors. It has gotten off to a really good start in the year 2022. In only a few short weeks, investors who acquired LBLOCK tokens shortly after they were released received a return on their investment that was greater than 12,000%.

Buy Lucky Block

People who already have Lucky Block NFT tokens have the opportunity to participate in competitions
on the Lucky Block platform, where they might win fantastic prizes and earn rewards simply for
possessing the tokens.

You’ll need an NFT in order to participate in any of the various competitions that are hosted on the
site. Traders that are interested in acquiring Lucky Block NFTs should head to the NFT Launchpad.
Each tournament is for a unique collection, and among the rewards are a Lamborghini, a mansion for
$1 million, tickets to the FIFA World Cup, and a million dollars in Bitcoin.

In addition, users who possess NFTs will be eligible for daily rewards that are equivalent to 1% of the
profits made by the competition. Even after the conclusion of the tournament, those who came out
on top will still be awarded awards. The main draw tickets are priced at $1 apiece, and traders are required to purchase a minimum of 5 tickets.

If you possess LBLOCK and your holding value is at least $500, you are eligible to get free tickets for
the jackpot drawing 24 hours before it takes place.Lucky Block currently offers two different specials.

On Fridays, there are two draws that take place: the weekly main draw and the weekly NFT draw.In the main prize draw, participants have the opportunity to win LBLOCK tokens worth a total of $50,000. Finally, but certainly not least, Lucky Block has just released a new token known as V2 that does not impose any charges on the transactions it processes.

This will, in due course, result in Lucky Block being added to large centralized exchanges, which will,
in the long term, have a significant impact on the value of the cryptocurrency. On Lbank, you may also purchase the most recent version of the Lucky Block token, which is an ECR20 token.

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Axie Infinity (AXS)

The finest blockchain game released in this decade is called Axie Infinity. It uses the Ethereum
network to function. The accomplishment of the project is contingent on the degree to which it is
able to encourage participants to take joint ownership of the protocol.

Buy Axie Infinity

In Axie Infinity, non-playable characters (NFTs) serve as a stand-in for NFTs in the game. In a manner
somewhat similar to that of the Pokémon legendary characters, players may earn experience points
by collecting, breeding, and competing against one another.

The XP numbers are used by the victor to develop their Axies, which they then sell in order to earn

Axie Infinity NFTs have successfully broken into the cryptocurrency industry with sales of more than
$4 billion. Because of how well it has performed, the Axie Infinity project is considered to be one of
the most successful NFT ventures.

The fact that investors may earn interest on Axie Infinity’s token, known as AXS, on many platforms
makes it an even more valuable asset.

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Decentraland (MANA)

Since it was first introduced in 2018, Decentraland has become one of the most established
cryptocurrencies associated with the Metaverse. The in-game money is referred to as MANA.
It is a digital asset that is stored on the Ethereum blockchain and may be utilized for any and all in-
game purchases and sales.


Two of the most expensive assets in a game are real estate and virtual land. Depending on the game,
real estate and virtual land can be valued at millions of dollars.

The cutting-edge virtual game known as Decentraland allows players to create their own characters,
interact with those of other players, and travel to various locations around the Metaverse.

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Avalanche (AVAX)

You may also purchase Avalanche, which is among the top cryptocurrencies to invest in if you want
to make gains of 100 times or more. Avalanche is a decentralized network for smart contracts that
has garnered a lot of interest over the course of the past year.

Buy Avalanche

In the realm of decentralized finance, the purpose of the protocol is to make it the destination of
choice for trading and financial solutions (DeFi). The Avalanche blockchain now has the quickest
time-to-block finality of any other blockchain.

Avalanche also has other advantages, such as reduced demand for energy and cheaper average gas
prices. Avalanche has been successful in penetrating the DeFi hub of the Ethereum network on many

According to the most recent information provided by DeFiLlama, Avalanche is the fourth most
valued DeFi chain. It is the fourth most valuable DeFi chain because it contains 210 decentralized
apps (dApps) with a total value locked of $4.24 billion.

This places it in the fourth spot overall (TVL). The inclusion of Recurs non-fungible token (NFT)
project, which Avalanche has been engaged to assist with, is a fantastic step forward for the
company’s already strong portfolio of initiatives.


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