First Metaverse Crypto Game Metafront will be able to interconnect Real World and VR

Upcoming players in the gaming and crypto world join together to deliver new revolutionizing games onto the crypto gaming scene. The joint venture combines two fresh forces from blockchain technology and immersive gaming form a business and become the main player in the decentralized gaming sector. 

Earlier last year Cold Iron Studios and Spring Labs decided to put their knowledge together and build a new revolutionary game that will be both dominant in the gaming and crypto market. They called it MetaFront, and it will be a game that will be played with VR headsets they are telling us that this will be the first game of its kind because it will be hyper-realistic. As we speak 100+ developers are building the game that will be released in October 2022.

Cold Iron Studios was founded in 2015 by three experienced veterans who had a goal of creating games, and they wanted to build a team with people that are passionate about gaming.

Today they are counting 50+ developers and working on various games concepts.

Spring Labs is a company that is called the “future of blockchain technology and data exchange” they are focused on blockchain and financial services. They recently gathered $30M from investment from a company called TransUnion and all of it will be for the MetaFront project.

What problem is MetaFront trying to solve?

MetaFront wants to make space travel accessible to everyone, MetaFront will be a game about space travel and players will compete to explore as much as possible and to find new Earth-like planets. Their blockchain-enabled platform will be connected with NASA and will use real-world data in a virtual world. So in the virtual world, you will have real-world planets and you will be able to explore them in real-time. There are so many possibilities and we just don’t have enough time to list them all. You will need to be patient and play the game.

Earlier this week MetaFront has confirmed that the private presale has been a success. Because NDA agreement they can’t disclose all the new partners, but some of the reputable partners will be IBA, Everse Capital, Lotus Capital, and Tioga Capital. 

Some portals mention that Intel and Sony are hidden partners of MetaFront. We will need to wait and see. 

Pre-Sale Opportunity

The presale offering of MetaFront will be given to loyal followers of the MetaFront project. Check their website for the correct date but it is coming soon. In a few days, everyone will get the opportunity to join the MetaFront community and give their support to their cause.